Suggestions For Water Treatment

Shopping for the correct treatment equipment for your water can be a confusing and difficult task, therefore, you may want to consider any or all of the following “suggestions” before you make your decision.

1. Talk to others who have treatment equipment, are they satisfied? Do they receive service promptly? A reputable dealer will give you a list of their customers you may contact to answer these questions.

2. Contact the Nova Scotia Department Of The Environment as well as Consumers. They will provide you with a list of reputable treatment specialists. N.S.D.O.E. phone # is 563-2100, Consumers phone # is 563-2020. Ask them who they would have treat their water.

3 Listen carefully to what the salesperson is telling you, does it seem reasonable? If you’re not sure, contact another company for a second opinion.

4. There have been companies which have sold treatment equipment for a limited time and then “disappeared” or opened under a “different name” to escape warranty repairs or servicing once the unit has been sold. Buyer Beware!

5. Ask for your warranties in writing, as well as the type of maintenance that you can expect on the unit you are purchasing. Ask if the company gives a “trial period” so that you can see how the unit will perform on your particular water.

6. Do not be intimidated by “technical jargon”, ask for and demand that you receive information in layman’s terms.

7. Beware of the “DOOMSDAY WATER ANALYSIS”, there is very little water on Cape Breton Island that is actually hazardous to your health.

8. Service after the sale may be the most important part of your purchase.

9. Don’t be rushed into a water treatment purchase.